Luckyminer LV06 Troubleshooting Guide-V2

Luckyminer LV06Troubleshooting Guide V2



Fault Description

Fault pictures

Possible Causes


Solving diagram


Miner is powered on but can not connect to WiFi.


Using non 2.4G WiFi

Check WiFi type[Network band], must use 2.4GHz WiFi (Router/Hotspot).


WiFi name or password has special characters

WiFi name and password must be in English/numbers, or a combination of English and numbers without special characters.


The control IC is not started

When powered on, press the reset button to reset the main control chip (1-3 times).



WiFi, Power consumption is normal, hash value is 0.


Mining pool address

Check the mining pool address carefully and query mining pool related information from

Different mining pools have requirements for access areas. Please access the mining pool allowed in your region according to your location.


Port number

There may be multiple port numbers in the same mining pool. Generally, different port numbers correspond to the difficulty of access. Please choose the appropriate port number.


Mining pool difficulty

All mining pools have a minimum access difficulty. Please ensure that the device computing power is below the mining pool access difficulty. Experience value: 500G can access a mining pool with difficulty <1000 (port number)


Wallet address

You must use the mainnet wallet address of the currency being mined. For example: the BTC mainnet address generally starts with 1/3/bc1.



Some mining pools require a registered account to use. For this kind of mining pool, you need to fill in the miner name of the mining pool during configuration.



Miner is powered on, the screen and fan do not work.


Power adapter output does not match

Measure whether the adapter output voltage is 5V±10%. If it is not 5V±10%, replace the adapter.



Miner is powered on, the screen does not light up and the fan works.


The control IC is not started

When powered on, press the reset button to reset the main control chip (1-3 times).



The adapter light does not light up or keeps flashing.


The adapter does not output or the output is unstable.

Replace adapter.



Miner runs with low power consumption, <5W


The control IC is not started

When powered on, press the reset button to reset the main control chip (1-3 times).



Successfully connected to WiFi, miner restarted repeatedly.


Mining pool resolution failed

Change mining pool.



Miner keeps restarting and the Hashrate is unstable.


WiFi congestion and instability.

Change to a stable WiFi or hotpot.


Mining pools are regulated.

Change to a locally allowed mining pool or a well-known mining pool.


High power consumption and high temperature lead to device protection

The environment temperature is <30°C, and the equipment should be placed in a well-ventilated place.



After running normally for a period of time,hashrate becomes low or 0.

Frequency and voltage data has been lost or adjusted


Due to high temperature, the power and pressure are automatically regulated by the system.

Set the suggested value.

frequency 1250  voltage 575

To ensure optimal performance, the mining rigs should be kept in a cold environment with efficient ventilation




The WiFi is connected,but hashrate 0

Error in setting data

Check the setting pool,port,user



The device displays the IP address, but the settings page cannot be opened.



Make sure your home WiFi is 2.4GHz,and then change another mobile phone or computer.

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